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Fake & Bake

November 18, 2007


What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

What are you Thankful for right now?

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  1. November 18, 2007 3:17 pm

    I saw this picture! But I thought it was too inappropriate to post on my blog.

  2. November 18, 2007 3:38 pm

    Hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha I wonder if I should do that to my turkey? LOL My kid used to make little butterflies and hearts and stick them all over her and go ..that pic reminds me of that and that was funny!

    Thankful things-
    *my family(both physical, and spiritual)
    *my church
    will have to make a list of my own on the blog for is way too long to hog your blog!

  3. November 18, 2007 4:43 pm

    LOL she used to go tanning with those stickers on her…don’t know why I can’t seem to type??

    Common Christian you know that pic is funny! and not appropiate for your blog but very good for Tam’s

  4. November 18, 2007 4:58 pm

    Christian – Whatever!!! 😀

    Darla – I did that when I used to tan too. It’s a wimps version of a tattoo 😉

  5. November 18, 2007 5:43 pm

    I’ll bet BC can relate…eh? 😉

    Thankful for just about everything right now….church, family….my relationship with God and good friends that post goofy pictures…

    Oh, I’m thankful I don’t have to eat this turkey…very unnerving…LOL

  6. November 18, 2007 6:24 pm

    Would that be the Victorias Secret turkey? LOL.

    Hope you are well.

    I am thankful for God, that He just continues to shock and amaze me everyday!

    Love you!

  7. November 18, 2007 9:07 pm

    Too funny!!

    And I am thankful for your friendship! 🙂

  8. November 18, 2007 10:20 pm

    hash brown casserole…the only thing is when i got sick 2 weeks ago i threw it up so i may not be eating that again…oh well.

  9. onedirection permalink
    November 19, 2007 12:26 am

    GG, I was going to say that it looked like me! Ha 🙂

    I am thankful for the strength that the Lord gives me each and every day to help overcome the things of that day.

  10. November 19, 2007 8:32 am

    turkey sandwiches the next day.
    Thankful that i made it thru another year! Yeah!Grateful that God allowed me another year.

  11. November 19, 2007 10:41 am

    Turkey stuffing made with apples, walnuts and raisins. My niece’s husband added some cognac to the recipe and that was the best stuffing I remember. 🙂

    I am thankful I can get out of bed.

    I am thankful I am still alive and have good health.

    I am thankful I have a roof over my heard and I know where my next meal is coming from.

    Anything else is a plus.

  12. November 20, 2007 10:07 pm

    I love turkey and cranberries. Not the whole berry sauce, but the canned jelly cranberries. I also enjoy the stuffing with gravy. Yumm. What do you about the turkey part? It is protein, and you admitted that you get gassy when you eat too much protein.

    I am completely, overwhelmingly thankful for all of the support that me and my family has received during my recovery time. I am also thankful for my family’s tender loving care and sense of humor.

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