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american music awards – uuuhhhm.

November 23, 2009

ok. how many award shows are necessary? if any? but the AMAs is one i tend to enjoy cuz the awards are given based on our/your votes. or…their votes. seriously, have you ever known anyone, personally, who has voted?

anyhoo…this years show…major let down. not entirely, but mostly. there were a few real great acts. and for me…thats where it ended.

as usual, because of twitter, we here on the west coast got a sneak peek at the show through some non-opinionated tweets. (read sarcasm) 😉 and i thought i’d share a few with you – just in case you missed the show. not that you missed much.

@RandDuren had to say…

Why is Janet dressed as a wookie? #AMAs

Love some Kelly Clarkson! #AMAs  (i agree. beautiful, classy and stellar performance!)

Are you freaking serious? Michael Jackson nominated for Artist of the Year? What year? #AMAs (yah. that was odd.)

J-Lo fell… at least she is well-padded. #AMAs (yes. she bounced her booty. and they edited it out by the time it got to us here on the west coast. i guess she’s too good to fall.)

Am I the only one happy that Taylor Swift is not performing? #AMAs (nope)

@inworship (my hottie-sweet-man)

We own the same chair used in Carrie Underwoods performance. @markstegall doesn’t look as good next to it. (oy)

Kids are gone. I can push play on the DVR again #AMA’s (so true. definitely not a kid friendly show. sheesh.)

I really gotta try that piano on fire thing in church next week #ladygagaisabitof (what is the fascination with this woman?)


Well they cut one part in Adam Lambert’s performance I thought they would. But they kept in his fall! (the whole thing shouldve been cut. it was seriously soft/hard p0rn. unbelievable.)


Wow. Look away… Shakira’s performance might give you herpes. (thanks for the heads up.)

Why is it that every video that Taylor Swift does looks like a Hanes commercial? 🙂 Have you noticed that?


so this pretty much wraps up the show. if only i could get my two hours back. did you watch the AMAs? any thoughts youd like to share?

if you could produce one award show…what would it be?

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  1. November 23, 2009 5:10 am

    i pretty much didn’t watch a lick of the AMAs.
    i was writing a paper.
    but thanks to all the tweets that were goin’ around, i really felt like i was included. it was…nice.

  2. Lynse Leanne permalink
    November 23, 2009 6:38 am

    I didn’t watch last night….BUT because of all of the tweets I felt like I was. And now I can go on YouTube and catch the parts I want. 🙂

  3. Christy Polek permalink
    November 23, 2009 7:17 am

    I would have been totally fine with them cutting all of Adam’s performace. It was an awful way for him to make his statement about who he is. And on top of that, when he wasn’t doing that screaming thing he always does, his vocals weren’t even good.

  4. November 23, 2009 8:56 am

    I was flipping back and forth between the AMAs and the Bears game… that’s how dull I thought the AMAs were. There were a few good moments… I think Kelly Clarkson is amazing, Carrie Underwood has the most amazing, effortless voice and Jay-Z/Alicia Keys were phenomenal.

    Did you realize that Rhianna’s outfit was just strips of tape across her naked body? Totally thought it was an ugly cat suit, but saw a photo online and it was clearly just tape. Really? Why?

    I’m assuming the part of Adam Lambert’s performance they cut is when he pushed a guy’s face into his crotch. I don’t know how his manager got him on as the final performance at the AMAs, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be his only award show performance.

    The funniest tweet of the night was Matthew’s about Lady Gaga dressing like the alien from the movie Alien. 😯

  5. pokinatcha permalink
    November 23, 2009 10:04 am

    Nope, I didn’t watch it. I was busy all day so I missed the tweets on it until late at night. I don’t pay much attention to the trending topic stuff either. I had no idea what you were tweeting about w/ all the Adam Lambert talk.

  6. November 23, 2009 11:17 am

    Freaking Adam Lambert is crap.

    Taylor Swift is at least a reasonably decent human being, even if you don’t like her stuff. At least she’s where she’s at because she sings, rather than gyrating her private parts around in various unseemly ways. Good grief, Shakira.

  7. November 23, 2009 12:27 pm

    this is what i thought after seeing four performances:

    kelly clarkson sounded amazing. she stopped yelling and let her real voice shine, and the result was beauty and a level of elegance that other performers could…should…definitely learn from.

    j.lo should stick to kick-boxing.

    lady gaga is ridiculous.

    adam lambert tries too hard. and therefore fails.

    personally, as someone who loves almost every kind of music out there, i was pretty annoyed at how MUSIC was not the focus. lighting, outrageous dancing, special effects, and pushing the limit of “now” vs. “next” all stole the show. and not in a good way, imho.

    i’d much rather see someone being true to the real art of music than demonstrating how showy he or she can be. don’t entertain me. grab my heart with your passion. tell me a story. move me.

    soap box. off.
    that is all.

  8. November 23, 2009 7:51 pm

    I made it to a post on your blog. My life is complete. Haha!

  9. November 25, 2009 11:00 pm

    I missed it all! Seems as though I may (or may not) have missed out on quite a bit.

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