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2009 best posts – a re-post: Kate Mcrae

December 28, 2009

ive decided the rest of this week i would repost my most visited posts this year. the post below on kate mcrae has had over 8,000 views. each day, since it first posted, it gets several views. ive found people use it as a hub to get to links and more information. lil kate mcrae is still fighting to win her life back. the life of that vibrant little one w/out a worry in the world. her parents, aaron and holly, are some of the most courageous and stoic people ive never met. nope, ive no idea who they are…yet…we all feel so connected to them. the love i have for this family is deep. i pray often for kates full recovery. and i will not let up. please continue to pray for this special, beautiful, child.

(originally posted july 4, 2009)


thank you all for praying for kate mcrae! for those of you who dont know. 5 year old kate was taken into the hospital monday for a tremor in her right hand and yesterday had brain surgery to remove an aggressive, high grade, tumor.

there is still a very long and hard road for this family to travel. it has been amazing, tho, to read the updates on the caring bridgesite directly from kates parents. they are truly strong and courageous people! theyre attitudes and perspective on things has touched my heart very deeply. beautiful family!

so, to stay updated on little kate, definitely visit the caring bridge site frequently. her parents post regularly.

also, if youd like to stay connected with all the people through twitter who have been praying for the McRae’s you can visit thehashtag page created for little kate.

and finally a song has been written for kate. i found it on the hashtag page and was moved beyond words by it! please go here to listen to it.

and most importantly…continue to pray for kate, her parents holly and aaron, her siblings, doctors and just everyone involved.

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