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useless information

April 20, 2010

colgate faced a big obstacle marketing toothpaste in spanish speaking countries. colgate translates into the command…go hang yourself.

most toilets flush in E Flat

the side of a hammer is called a cheek
the end of a hammer, opposite the striking end is called a peen

youre more likely to be killed by a champagne cork than a poisonous spider.

13 people a year are killed by vending machines falling on them.

in hospitals…12 babies will be given to the wrong parents each day.

you share a birthday with at least 9 million other people in the world.

the percentage of men who wash their hands after using the toilet is 55%
the percentage of women…80.

in the next 7 days 800 americans will be injured by their jewelry.

a group of officers is called a mess.

taken from the book of useless information. i would link it to my amazon page but i do not know how thank you so very much.


answer this…

April 19, 2010

if you cant go back and change things then what will you change now?

reek in weview

April 19, 2010

cathi and i decided that we’d do a week in review video once a week…or, periodically 😕

not that any of you are even remotely interested in our weeks worth of happenings, but youre gettin them anyway. because we just care that much.


here is week one. oh, and i cant even remember how “reek in weview” began. it is what it is.

so, question…

think of last week and give us

one high?

one low?

a piercing recap

April 18, 2010

here are some pics to recap kassidi’s sweet 16 piercing day…

kass – waiting to become more holy. or, holey.

kass – getting marked. daddy – lookin tense…

holding her dads hand…

and note…im not ‘in’ the room. fire code or something silly like that 😕

but i progressively wormed my way in…

the piercing moment…

all done…

and here she is… our sweet 16

and for those of you who can stomach the short video of kass’s piercing – you can see it here.

16 candles

April 15, 2010

this sunday is a big day for the hodge fam. well, it might be a bit bigger for one of us.

kassidi turns 16 this weekend.


unbelievable, really, beings im only 23.

if youd like to wish her a happy birthday you can do so here or on twitter.

im sure i’ll put up a boo-hoo’ing post on her actual birthday. but until then…

i love you kass!

my phrases

April 14, 2010

there are certain words and phrases i love to say. if i write it, i say it too. im one of those people who sound the same way i write.

here are my faves…

in other news…

dangitalltoheck (my bestest euphemism )



anyhoo. (i think that ones gettin old, tho)

who clogged the toilet?!!!

wait. sorry about that last one.


k. what are some of your own personal favorite sayings/phrases?

and when youre done here. go here and answer mandy’s opposite sex question.

yes. i said “question”.

maybe i should explain

April 13, 2010

my last two posts were pretty serious. not that ive never been serious here. but the theme has been heavy, the questions tough, my answers…cryptic, perhaps, but mostly gray.

i just wanta say, im not going through some mid-life crisis. im not doubting God or my relationship with Him, my purpose…nothing like that.

the last two weeks at TRF have been really great. the messages have spurred some questions in my mind. questions that are hard. topics that are too often swept under the rug. im just at a place where im willing to address it.

i have to know why i think the way i do. and that will likely entail some deep digging into my mind, thoughts and heart.

im ok with that.

i have to be. if i dont define the undefined, when its in my ability, then im left in limbo. i hate being in limbo. its too…mediocre.

we’re meant for more than mediocrity.

im just pushing myself here. no other agenda. no issues. no problems.

and its made for some incredible discussion, confessions, revelations and connections here as you all have shared your hearts and thoughts.

iron sharpening iron.

thank you for that.